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Detecting and Illustrating
the Invisible

At Brain Mapping Solutions, we use innovative technology to visualize the brain's complexity. Our neuro imaging software helps detect and illustrate brain injuries, offering clarity and understanding in brain health diagnosis and treatment.

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Our cutting-edge, patented neuro imaging software provides:

Location-specific Injury Identification

Our FDA-cleared MRI/DTI post-processing viewer enables us to locate the precise areas of the brain affected by injury or disease.

Cognitive and Behavioral Impact Analysis

By establishing the exact location of the injury, we can draw connections between affected brain areas and potential cognitive or behavioral deficits.

100+ Imaging Centers

We have partnerships with imaging centers across the country, from academic universities to trauma centers, enabling accessible and convenient scanning services for patients.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure System

All images are uploaded to a secure, cloud-based server, maintaining the highest level of data privacy and protection.

Brain Mapping Solutions

Advanced Neuro Imaging

Brain Mapping Solutions is an advanced neuro imaging software company, committed to bringing clarity and actionable results to individuals dealing with brain injury and neuro-degenerative diseases. Our innovative technology, coupled with our brilliant team of brain injury experts, guides patients towards understanding their condition and charting the next steps in their journey. We aim to illustrate the invisible, providing visual representation of injuries and disease that can otherwise be difficult to objectively identify.

Explore our latest insights and innovations

Explore our selection of insightful content to deepen your understanding and keep updated on the latest advancements in neurology and brain imaging. Each of these listed topics not only illuminates critical aspects of the neuroscience field but also encompasses some of the latest research, developments, and therapeutic approaches in dealing with a range of neurological conditions.

PRISM Imaging - Seizure

Gain valuable insights into how PRISM Imaging enhances our ability to detect and analyze seizure activity.

PRISM Imaging - TBI

Explore how PRISM Imaging contributes to our understanding and management of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

PRISM Imaging - CNS Neoplasms

Delve into the world of central nervous system neoplasms and learn how PRISM Imaging is revolutionizing its diagnosis and treatment.

Trauma Brain Injury (TBI) Impact

Learn about the broad and profound impacts of TBI, its effects on patients' lives, and the latest developments in its management.

PRISM Imaging - Neurodegenerative and Neurocognitive

Understand how PRISM Imaging can assist in identifying and monitoring neurodegenerative and neurocognitive disorders.

NeuroInfuse TBI IV Therapy

Discover how NeuroInfuse TBI IV Therapy is being utilized to provide effective treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

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