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Who we are

Brain Mapping Solutions Inc is a cutting edge, patented neuro imaging software company committed to providing results and solutions for brain injury and neuro-degenerative diseases. We do this utilizing modern technology and equipment coupled with our brilliant team of highly experienced and educated brain injury experts throughout the country.

Brain injury can be very difficult to prove through objective findings at the mild to moderate level, but with our help, we can provide the clarity one needs in order to know what they are dealing with and what next steps are needed.

Through our FDA cleared MRI/DTI post processing viewer, we are not only able to establish where in the brain the injury is, but we can also link it with potential cognitive and behavioral deficits that are affected due to the areas injured.


What We Do

We are currently set up in over 100 imaging centers throughout the country, including academic universities, hospitals, and trauma centers. By getting a specific prescription for our MRI/DTI protocol, we can have a person scanned at a local image facility nearest to them. Once this is done, the images are uploaded to a secure HIPPA compliant cloud-based server where our team of neuro-radiologists are able to read the images and report the findings.  Should a Zoom call be needed with the neuro-radiologists to go over these findings, we can make that happen with whatever party is requesting one.

We are currently using our neuro-imaging to help professional athletes, the aging population with degenerative diseases, and TBI victims understand what’s going on in their brain. We are positioning ourselves to take this one step further by not only showing the negative change due to the trauma or disease, but to show the positive change that occurs after our Neuroinfuse product is taken.

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