Detecting mild to moderate TBI can be challenging, but with the right equipment, software, and team, it can be done. Brain Mapping Solutions has a proprietary DTI imaging software and when used on a 1.5T or 3T MRI magnet and our FDA cleared viewer, results can be detected and shown on these scans. This advanced MRI/DTI is revolutionizing the way we can objectively diagnose brain injury/tumors/degenerative and auto-immune diseases. With over 100 imaging partners across the country, we can find a center near you to help first detect what is going on so that solutions, if any can be determined.



Despite over 25 years of research, traditional pharmaceutical therapy has failed to address the short and long-term effects of traumatic injury.

At Brain Mapping Solutions, our proprietary “Neuro-Infuse” therapy was designed around the premise that the injury itself is multimodal in nature. Treating TBI means treating each component that contributes to long term cognitive decline: oxidative stress, edema, excitotoxicity and cell death. This multimodal therapy is specifically constructed to target the secondary injury cascade rather than focusing on one single element. Our formula includes mixtures of vitamins, glutathione, amino acids and co-factor is safe, non-toxic and has an increasing body of literature supporting their use, at supraphysiologic levels, in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

While numerous attempts have been made to harness neuroprotective approaches in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and “concussion”, virtually no therapeutic interventions have successfully been created. Traumatic brain injury simply relies on physical and cognitive rest with very little actual intervention against the cellular cascade responsible for the pathophysiology of “brain trauma.” No single drug has proven effective and, as such, the concept of a multimodal, neuro-prophylactic compounds or supplement holds great promise. The value of this theory is especially relevant as we expand our knowledge regarding the relationship between numerous sub-concussive blows and/or repetitive concussive impacts and the development of some form of chronic neurodegenerative disease.

As the use of nutraceuticals has expanded and the encouraging results from various laboratory studies demonstrating the multi-mechanistic neuroprotective properties of many of these naturally occurring compounds, so has their potential to treat and manage traumatic brain injury.

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Neuropsyche screening and treatment

With the objective findings obtained through our DTI protocol, it only makes the case more powerful when you can match it to the clinical and forensic findings with a neuropsyche screening. We have partnered with CogNet to help not only identify the cognitive and behavioral impairments that typically are associated with mild to severe traumatic brain injury, but to then tailor a treatment program off of the screening. This can be done via telemedicine in the states we currently have licensed forensic neuro-psychologists on our team in CA/TX/FL.

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